“New Developments in Treatment of Depression and Suicidal Tendency”

25 Dec

“New Developments in Treatment of Depression and Suicidal Tendency”

 On December 13th, 2012, researchers at Michigan State University and an international team of investigators wrote an encouraging report titled “Countering Brain Chemical Could Prevent Suicide” In this article they present evidence obtained by their research studies that glutamate is more active in the brains of people who attempt suicide. This discovery offers hope of new treatment efforts for the mentally ill, and holds great promise in countering the high rate of suicides among the chemically depressed.


This report is extremely encouraging. If a physical root cause for mental illness and suicidal tendencies is clearly being defined, then there is hope for better treatment. Better treatment that could help prevent people from taking their own lives. Research Scientists are always looking for ways to better treat, cure or at least provide a better quality of life for people. This discovery of quinolinic acids link to mental illness and suicidal tendencies may point to potentially very promising treatment.